Joy Miller

City Council

District One

Joy's Goals for the City

•Fair treatment of all citizens and corporations as corporations should pay their fair share just as citizens do.

•Improvement of infrastructure, especially our streets.

•Work with State and the region to provide the water needs of the City.

•Explore new solutions to the homeless problem in Corpus Christi and abandon failed policies.

•Oppose privatization of our public services, parks and public venues.

•Fight for your rights to provide our citizens power over the bureaucracy and red tape.

•Fight to make the city respond to our community needs

•Fight to end corruption and special interest that unduly influence government policies

•Explore ways for the City to get more revenue such as the marijuana fine monies. Use these monies for resources of alcohol abuse which causes vehicular deaths, family violence, loss of productivity and disease.

•Fight for a fair wage for city employees.

Our grassroots campaign relies on the community to support our mission to improve the infrastructure and provide greater transparency to the citizens of Corpus Christi. Help us with our goals by supporting the Joy Miller campaign.

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